Repairs & Refinishing

Wheel Wizards' Specialty

We specialize in insurance and factory warranty work on damaged, dull, or corroded wheels.

"Never thought refinishing my old rims was going to be so fast! Especially for an insurance claim."

- Dianna V.

Wheel Services

   Bent Alloy Rims
   Curb Scrapes
   CNC Refacing
   Bead Leaks
   Colour Changes
   Colour Matching
   Stain Removal
   Caliper Painting

General Services

   Laser Balancing
   Vibration Analysis
   Caliper Painting

   Commercial Pickup
   Commercial Delivery

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Our team of highly trained technicians set the industry standard in loyalty, perseverance, and ultimately our customer experience. You'll find quick reliable service that exceeds your expectations on every visit. Period.

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